Saturday, 20 February 2010

Holiday Fun in Thailand, 9-14 Dec 09

More photos in my Facebook, don't think I have the energy to upload more pictures here.

[I know this is a very very late entry, since Jan, my work is getting heavier by the hour...]

We had a splendid year-end vacation with the Poh Family. Started off with a good flight by SQ, we took our 3-hour transfer to Hua Hin. This was our second visit but the first for the Pohs. he happiest people in this vacation had to be the kids for they had great company, all 5 active boys!

We checked into AKA Resort's 2-bedroom villa that comes with our very own private pool and cabana! That's what I called "life". The boys were so excited they changed into your swimwear and jumped into the pool! AKA is a good resort, the welcome snacks were a surprise and the breakfast spread was heavenly! As the occupancy rate was low on our first 2 mornings, we actually had ala carte brekkie buffet, which includes impressive menu such as egg benedict - WOW - it was very well done, the poached egg oozed out succulent sunny yolk that literally shouts "GOOD MORNING & WELCOME!"

To cut short the story... we visited the famous floating market and elephant camp where we rode on 4 elephants.

Our next stop was Bangkok and we stayed at a new boutique hotel called Ten Face (kinda weird name if you asked me). The service at Ten Face is not attuned to family groups as they were quite inflexible in certain ways to accommodate us. Imagine they expected us to pay for Raeyen's brekkie and our advanced booking for transfer to airport was not taken, etc.

Anyway, on a happier note, Bangkok was fun as we visited the Oceanarium beneath Siam Paragon - a mammoth shopping mall. We had great food and even foot massage at my favourite Blooming Spa along Sukhumvit Road. We celebrated Ivy's birthday at Jasmin Restaurant on the 4th floor of Times Square (next to Grande Sheraton Sukhumvit) where we had sumptuous Peking duck!

It was overall a FANTASTIC break for us before the new year started. Thanks, Poh Family!

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